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Pfizer labs use BisQue

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The bio-image analysis platform, Bisque, developed at the Center for Bio-Image Informatics at UCSB, will be used for data sharing and analysis at the Pfizer Neuroscience Research Unit (NSRU). The Bisque software platform offers several unique functionalities for large scale data management, including an advanced software architecture based on state of the art web protocols, advanced large scale data visualization, tight integration of image analysis with database services, and scalable computing using cloud computing. The NSRU optical Imaging lab, led by Joel Schwartz, is developing quantitative methods that process the images, keeping track of the processing workflow, and allowing scientists to create new work flows that seamlessly combine multimodal data.


Center for Bio-Image Informatics works with Marine Science Institute at UCSB, NOAA and Greenpeace to analyze large collection of underwater videos

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A collaborative project between Center for Bio-Image Informatics, Marine Science Institute at UCSB, NOAA and Greenpeace has acquired and analyzed 23 hours of HD underwater video by identifying all species present in the videos and producing co-occurrence statistics. A complete dataset of annotated sampled frames is published by the Center on our Bisque server. A paper have been published in PLoS ONE about this effort: "Structure-Forming Corals and Sponges and Their Use as Fish Habitat in Bering Sea Submarine Canyons"

Media reaction

Washington Post reports about this project: "Fishery managers could call for a review of massive underwater canyons"

Mission blue writes: "Canyons in the Deep"

UCSB Press release: "UCSB Teams With Greenpeace and NOAA to Study World's Largest Undersea Canyons"


iPlant Collaborative offers BisQue for plant biologists

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Bisque is now available at iPlant for plant biology researchers. iPlant is a community of researchers, educators, and students working to enrich all plant sciences through the development of cyberinfrastructure. Interested plant researchers can gain access to extensive hardware and software resources, including the Bisque imaging and analysis platform. Read more about Bisque on iPlant.